It is possible to raise some money from your junk car. There are plenty of companies that offer junk car programs designed to offer the public an opportunity to get paid when they help clean up your yard. They buy the unwanted vehicles and get paid for their trouble.

The amount of money you will get is dependent on how old the vehicle is and the condition in which it is at the point of sale. The model of the car is another special consideration that will help determine the amount of money it will be bought at. In some cases, the company may organize for the towing of the vehicle.

When bought, the vehicles could be recycled and the hazardous parts destroyed. The recycled parts may once more be availed in the market for reuse. The remaining scrap metal can be used to create steel products to be used in other sectors such as construction.

Tips to Help Sell Junk Cars

The first thing you must do is to obtain the title of the car if you are not the bonfire owner. The salvage and the scrap lots will not purchase cars from anyone who does not have title to the car.

Assess the Value

Assess the value of the car and determine its book value. Try to get as much information as possible about the condition of the car. Remember you may have to shop around for the buyer and that there could be plenty of questions that may be asked. You must be prepared to provide answers to all the questions that will be asked. Among the common question you should be ready to answer include the extend of the damage. If you can repair the vehicle and make it road worth, it may fetch more money.

Get the Prices

To get the best price, you may need to call all the junkyards in your area and also call the dealers in the nearby city. Most yards will not pay for the vehicle that they pick from your garage.

Consider Delivering the Car

Once you have the price estimate, you need to deliver the car by either towing it or driving it yourself. Ensure that you bring the title with you.

A Bide By the Lemon Laws

There are laws referred to as lemon laws which are meant to protect the consumer from unfair treatment. You need to abide by the law to ensure that they don’t haunt you later. Some of the laws you need to abide by are;
• State lemon laws – each state may have its own lemon laws. Fortunately the lemon laws may not extend the protection to anyone who buys used vehicles. Fortunately, most states will allow you to sell salvaged car title using different sets of laws.

• Mileage tampering laws- note that you are not allowed to tamper with the mileage on the car you want to sell.
• Private seller laws- it helps to define the seller as either a dealer or a private seller
• Price maximums- the law puts price limitations depending on the mileage and age of the vehicle.